Event Development

Events listed here are being developed.

Once event development is in progress far enough it and all linked pages maybe moved from event:dev to event workspace.

You may also be interested in how the inclusive improv organisation structure works.

ii Gigs

The Improv Session

experimental improvised arts

We have three dates booked in The Cellar Theatre at The Lawrence Batley Theatre, Huddersfield:

Tuesday 9th Nov 2010
Thursday 2nd Dec 2010
Tuesday 18th January 2011

starting 8pm, free

Christmas Greetings

ii Round-Table

October to April → main page here

II/Interlace Exchange

Wofs 2011

Maybe Thursday 17th March to Tuesday 22nd March 2011

WofS Development here.

ICMC Un-Conference

You can find details of the 2011 ICMC Un-Conference here,


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