miniWofS 2010

10th March 2010 - CAB Huddersfield University

The Weaker Speaker

Supported by The Huddersfield Immersive Sound System (HISS)



Monome Swirls

by S. Hewitt

For 2 Live Coding Laptops and a Monome.

Performed by Samuel Freeman, Scott Hewitt and Kate Ledger.

Monome Swirls explore rapid real time instrument creation through live coding.

Experiment with emergency services radio and local video

by Adam Jansch

In this experiment I am testing the juxtaposition of emergency services radio, streamed over the Internet from the US, with a video feed of a site close to the University.


by Jed Backhouse

8 acoustic instruments

each playing a series of 8 notes

with spectral analyses dissected into 8 frequency bands

through composed into 8 connected blocks of sound

played to an audience through 8 speakers

December '52

by Earle Brown

computer realization
Sebastian Berweck

On Line

Facebook event

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