Net Mixer v2

Built by Scott Hewitt

Version 2 : August 2009


NetMixer is a network controllable software mixer capable of addressing up to 8 independent inputs and outputs.

NetMixer is designed for situations where a dynamic, performer manipulated mix is required.


OS X Server App

OS X Client App

Windows Builds

Coming Soon


Requires either Max/MSP v5 or Max/MSP v5 runtime (


ii.Lib (OSX and Windows) ii.lib

OSC-route OSX Windows

How to use


To use the NetMixer a network is required connecting all clients to the server, best performance is achieved using udp over a single subnet.

Audio cabling is required linking the server audio output to the client input.


  • Set Network up
  • Assign NetMixer ID
  • Start Audio
  • Adjust input levels as required


  • Set Network up
  • Set NetMixer ID
  • Set client ID (matches server audio output)
  • Check input monitor


  • More than 1 NetMixer may be run using different NetMixer IDs
  • No audio is transmitted over the network (due to performance requirements)

Screen Shots

Net Mixer Server

Net Mixer Client


Reasons for V2

Version 2 was developed due to consistently encountered hardware limitations when working with more than 8 audio ins or out.

As a consequence version 2 removes support for more than 8 ins or outs and is much leaner code. It does however add support for multiple NetMixers within a subnet which was unsupported in v1.


Schematic layout of NetMixer in deployment

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