ii Library

The ii Library is a set of javascripts and patches designed for Max/MSP. Designed for group improvisation the scripts enable easy management and connectivity between laptop performers.


The current version of the ii Library can be found here.


Click to download iilib0.9.zip


message in a bottle

osctosend sends the messages received to receive object of the same name. E.g.

msg /app open

Cause the message 'open' to be sent to a receive object called '/app' if it exists. Also outputs 'send' name from left outlet and accompanying value from right outland.

Inlet Messages

  1. Message prepended with msg to be sent through send

Outlet Messages

  1. Name used for send
  2. Value sent

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there can be only one

highlander.js looks for unique messages and stores these messages. E.g.


immortal /app

If the message is unique it is stored and sent out of the 1st outlet. If the message has been received before it is sent out of the 2nd outlet.



Cause all current detected names to be output from 3rd outlet as list.



Cause current unique stored messages to be deleted.

Inlet Messages

  1. Message prepended with immortal
  2. reset deletes all stored values
  3. theimmortal outputs all stored values

Outlet Messages

  1. Message if unique (useful for interface building)
  2. Previously detected value
  3. All stored values (output caused by theimmortal message)

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Post on time

The network abstraction is designed to abstract all network interface and protocol specific elements. It overs either global or embedded use and converts all network control traffic to standard send/receive traffic.


  1. Traffic to network transit
  2. System Wide or embedded transit (1/0)
  3. Debug Print on/off (1/0)
  4. Unused (to be used to change transit)


  1. Traffic from network transit
  2. Unused (may be used as part of transit change)

System Wide or Embedded

System wide operation directs all traffic received on receive object tonetwork to the network transit and forwards all network traffic to send fromnetwork.

Embedded operation only directs traffic received at the first inlet to network and outputs network traffic from first outlet only. The send and receive objects are unused.

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